The Deni Slicer Is a Bargain

The Deni Slicer is a bargain and a quality slicer. They’re not top of the like a Hobart slicer, but good enough to get the job done well. New startups or home kitchens can enjoy a good slicer for a long time without spending many thousands of dollars. Deni slicers pay for themselves long before they wear out.

With the price of food going up, using your own slicer is an easy way to cut costs. More can be bought in bigger bulk when a slicer is available. It’s also an easy way for a restaurant to be sure that the cutting is done in a sanitary environment on clean equipment. Deni makes the possible for far less than it’s competitors.

Deni slicers are available in 3 different models.

  • The Deni Professional Food Slicer – highest grade slicer
  • The Deni Premium Food Slicer – medium grade slicer The Deni Slicer Is A Bargain
  • The Deni Electric Food Slicer – home grade slicer The Deni Slicer Is A Bargain

A good use for these inexpensive slicers is a situations where you need to transport it to location. Their lower price makes them less of a loss should something happen to them. Caterers and mobile vendors can appreciate this aspect.

Deni is a family owned company out of Buffalo, New York that prides itself on it’s products design. They started with 1 product, a vacuum sealer. After their success, they kept adding more products and now they offer over 100 well designed kitchen products.

I highly recommend the The Deni Professional Food Slicer for it’s design. Some of it’s highlights are –

  • A large diameter, easy cleaning, stainless steel blade.
  • Adjustable cutting thicknesses that go from very thin to 3/4 inch thick
  • Adjustable speeds allow for cutting different food. Anything from bread to meat.
  • Safety features
  • Easy cleaning
  • Aluminum construction for light weight
  • Handles for easy carrying
  • Powerful 130 watt motor

It’s true, there are much better slicers available, but none of them are affordable. If portable and inexpensive are to specifications for your next slicer, Deni is the best bargain slicer available.