Hobart Dishwasher Information

Hobart commercial dishwashers carry the quality and innovation that a commercial kitchen expects. I can remember looking at every major piece of equipment in my mother’s bakery and seeing the name “Hobart”. The company is over 100 years old and their relationships with the food service industry is unsurpassed. When you think about what type of dishwasher for your restaurant, Hobart is one of the first names that should come to mind.

Hobart dishwashers range from the Hobart under-the-counter dishwasher to large conveyor belt systems known as warewashers. The state-of-the-art systems combined with high quality parts make Hobart the leader in dishwashers, or “warewashers” if you prefer the correct terms. Hobart sells quality that is worth maintaining and when necessary repairing. You’ll never hear of a Hobart dishwasher system that is past the point of repair. You’ll rarely hear of one that needs repair. Dishwashers require plumbing and plumbing will always require some level of repair. If you buy a lesser quality model, you’ll always have to consider replacement or repair as the best option. With Hobart, the answer is always repair. The durable 16 guage steel construction, high grade piping, and unsurpassed design make repairs very infrequent.

Dishwashers are likely to receive some abuse. Employees that operate them get rush times and their sense of urgency may give the machines a little bit of abuse. Hobart dishwashers are built to withstand it. Hobart understands the business and makes their machines good enough to withstand the abuse.

Hobart is an investment. The cost is higher for the quality that you are buying. You need to see a return on that investment and you will. Hobart dishwashers are more efficient than their competitors. They use less water and less electric while washing the dishes better. There are no second runs to get the dishes clean and the first run is done with less resources. With ever increasing utility costs, you see a return on this investment even faster. If your business is replacing an old dishwasher, look up the specs and compare them to a new Hobart. You’ll be wondering why you’re waiting to replace. Hobart dishwashers dramatically reduce energy costs and even reduce the amount of food waste for disposal.