Cutlery Choices for Chefs

Cutlery is one of the easiest choices for a chef to make when compared to other commercial cookware. There are only 4 main knifes that are used the most and only a few companies that create quality knives in a reasonable price range. For centuries Europeans have been known for making the finest steel cutlery. There may be a few exceptions in the orient, but those are highly specialized knives. For the common kitchen, a few good European knives will work.

 Cutlery Choices For Chefs

Popular 8-inch Henckel‘s Chef KnifeImage via Wikipedia

A common mistake is to buy an expensive set that contains knives you’ll rarely use. Another error is to buy a large cheap set of laser sharpened knives. These work well until they need resharpened. When that happens, the steel is so cheap that it’s impossible and the knives are thrown away, usually leaving you with a bunch from the set that are rarely used. Don’t fall for these mistakes. Stick to the 4 common best kitchen knives until a definite need is required for other types. These 4 common knives(known as “the basic 4″) are –

  • An 8″ or 10″ chef’s knife
  • A meat knife for slicing
  • A 5″ or 6″ inch utility knife
  • A 3″ paring knife.

The most common quality manufacturers are –

  • Wusthof-Trident
  • Victorinox – one of the least expensive and highest quality knives
  • Henckels
  • Sabatier

Any of these brands are sure to give you excellent quality and it’s a sure bet that finding a style to suit individual preferences will not be a problem.

These four brands have reputations for lasting a lifetime when used and sharpened properly. The surprising fact is that they really don’t cost that much more that lesser quality knives. Compared to the cost of other cooking utensils and wares, some much less important, good sharp knives are inexpensive, so why skimp here? It’s wise to skimp in other areas of less importance if you need to make good knives fit in a budget.