Commercial Kitchen Mandolin

Commercial Kitchen MandolinKitchen mandolins are easy to find and some are very inexpensive. For commercial use, the Shun Pro Mandoline Food Slicer Commercial Kitchen Mandolin is the best food mandolin on the market. The best feature is the removable blade that can be resharpened many times. Combine that with safety guards that actually make it easier to use and it changes the way you think about slicing with a kitchen mandolin. Chefs uses these more simply because they’re less hassle. It’s not uncommon for restaurants to stop ordering many frozen pre-prepared sliced fruits and vegetables because they can be cut fresh at much less cost and they are noticeably better tasting with a better texture.

Unlike many of the newer cheap food mandolins, this Shun Pro model has been in production for a long time. No corners are cut in it’s production. Japanese chefs have been depending on this model for a while. Many other brands are just cheap knock-offs that quickly turn into a utensil that is more hassle than it’s worth. The process for making the blade is the same process used for the past 700 years!

The Shun Pro is strong too! A chef can take a giant 2 pound potato and slice the entire potato with no prep work involved.