Cleaning Cast Iron Cookware

Cleaning cast iron cookware can be a tough job if you don’t know a few tricks. It’s hard to get this through to some, but soap should never be used when cleaning cast iron. Soap gets into the pores of the cast iron and ruins the seasoning. It also can leech into the food while cooking and ruin the taste. There are much easier ways to clean that pan that are so much easier.

300px CastIronPan Cleaning Cast Iron Cookware

Good cast iron will last a long time.Image via Wikipedia

For the toughest cleanup, just a heated pan with a wire brush is all that is required to remove remnants of food. Even burnt food will come off of the pan with this method. Once the food is hot, the wire brush will easily scub it off. After this, follow the instructions for seasoning cast iron. This method will put oil into the pores of the cast iron. This will improve the taste of the dishes cooked and keep the cast iron from rusting.

One major danger when cleaning heavy cast iron is that your hands will become slippery and it’s easy to drop a hot, slick, and heavy pan. This could hurt your feet and a big impact can break cast iron. Be careful! Try to keep the pan in the sink when scrubbing with a wire brush and hot water or on the stove top when seasoning. Just let the pan sit and cool before removing from the oven or the stove top.