Circulon Pans

Non-stick has changed in the recent years. New technology and improved products have changed the way we think about non-stick surface pans. Circulon pan sets are among the best available and they have consistently proved their worth in the commercial cookware industry. The new innovations have some professional chefs straying from the traditional choices like stainless steel and copper cookware, but the choice of non-stick should be made with some research and considerations about the type of operation they are being used in.

The Circulon company has been in business over 25 years. They were the first to produce cookware that is both dishwasher safe and induction cooking safe. Of course, dishwasher safe makes them so much easier to clean than traditional cookware. This saves time and money as no preperation is needed to remove tough food and stains before being washed. Over a course of time, this alone can add up to a considerable savings. Being induction cooking safe provides a safety benefit and a huge savings in power use. Even if they are not being used for induction cooking, the anodized aluminum is a very good conductor of heat which reduces energy costs and provides even cooking over the entire surface.

One of the unique features of Circulon pans is the grooved pattern in all of their cookware. This pattern is added feature to improve the heat dissipation and allow the grease and juices to rest below the food. As the juices from the food go into these grooves and heat up, the flavor is released back into the food through the steam. Normally a pattern like this would be difficult to clean, but thanks to the non-stick surface, cleaning is no problem. This pattern also makes it very easy for utensils to slide under the food for easy cooking of eggs, pancakes, or any other dish that needs to be turned over while cooking.

As an added detail, the tops of Circulon Pans are self-clearing glass. This allows for easy viewing of the food while cooking to see the progress without removing the lid. This keeps flavor sealed in and reduces the energy needed for cooking. The steam and heat stays in the pan while the cook can monitor progress with interrupting the cooking process.

Circulon pans are versatile too. They can be used on any cook top: gas, electric, or induction. The pans are also oven safe to 400 degrees which covers the extreme of most oven cooking.

There is a lifetime warranty on Circulon products. Considering this, it changes my view when comparing them to the traditional types of cookware. The only difference to me is that cast iron, stainless steel, and copper of any quality kind of have a built in lifetime guarantee just by the nature of what they are made of. With Circulon’s quality being so high, I think they may have arrived at that same level of trustworthy quality as the traditional cookware. Factor in the cost savings of induction cooking, the lower initial cost compared to high quality traditional pans, and non-stick surfaces and Circulon may be the smarter choice.