Circulon Commercial Pans

Circulon makes a wide variety of non-stick cookware to meet the demands of it’s customers. The commercial grade cookware is a good choice for restaurants that need a lower investment or that can limit the abuse that their cookware receives. Circulon is made of anodized aluminum which is great for lower energy use, but less durable than clad stainless steel cookware. There is also a a time savings because the non-stick surface is much easier to clean. Circulon Commercial Pans

This set includes:

  • 2-1/2-quart covered shallow saucepan
  • 8-, 10-, and 12-inch open skillets
  • 3- and 7-quart covered chef’s casseroles

With the price being so reasonable, I suggest trying a set of their commercial cookware. A full set is a good test because just 1 pan, like the Circulon suacepan, really isn’t a good test for durability for the larger pans. When compared to the price of other sets of commercial cookware, it’s easy to see why they are so popular. The commercial cookware does have a heavy guage of aluminum used to make it more durable in a restaurant or institutional cooking setup. This makes it much more ergonomically efficient as well.

When making the decision the consideration is simply: Does lower cost, lighter, more energy efficient, induction capable, easier cleaning cookware outweigh the durability of other materials like stainless steel? Is your operation right to allow for these savings over the chance of the cookware being beat to a point that it can’t be used? As with all non-stick cookware, the coating will wear off at some point in time. Circulon has a very good reputation for long life of the non-stick coating, but it will never outlast non-coated pots and pans.