Chasseur Cookware

Chasseur cookware, also known as Le Chasseur, is an enamel coated cast iron cookware that’s been used in commercial and institutional cookware for many years. Made in France for over 70 years, this high quality cast iron cookware with a double coating of enamel is made to last. It’s suitable for all conventional types of cooking as well as induction cooking and it’s dishwasher safe.

This is great cookware way to get the benefits of cast iron while reducing the difficulty in cleaning. Many chefs that demand the qualities of cast iron’s cooking properties rate Chasseur cast iron cookware Chasseur Cookware as the best cast iron cookware available. For cast iron cookware, it is a little expensive as expected, but well within the price range of similar cookware made from high quality stainless steel and far less than quality copper cookware.

Cooking with cast iron is popular because it has heating properties that are far different than other materials. Cast iron distributes heat evenly and retains that heat for a long time. If their are variations in the heat source, cast iron does not allow these minor changes to effect it’s constant heat level. This creates an excellent heat surface that allows an experienced chef to gauge perfect timing with to cook any dish to the desired level and they know that the heat will be spread evenly. For example, with souffles and other dishes, it’s not uncommon to have difficulty getting the center of the dish done at the same time as the outer edges. This problem is much easier to manage with cast iron cookware as the heat radiates in a more even and intense amount over a larger area. Be careful if you try this, but place your hand over a heated stainless steel pot, then over a cast iron pot. You’ll find that you feel the heat from a further distance and over a larger area with a cast iron pot.

Cast iron is not without it’s problems. The first is that it’s difficult to clean without a slow process. With enameled cast iron cookware, there is no problem. It’s as easy to clean as glass cookware. The added enamel does add to the already very heavy cast iron though. Cast iron also rusts, another problem solved with an enamel coating. Cast iron also requires occasional seasoning. Some cooks like to add to the test of the food with their seasoning process. This is not possible with enamel, but the enamel coating eliminates the need for seasoning.

There are a small number of people that are sensitive to iron. With all cast iron pans, some iron does leech into the food during cooking. For most, a little iron is actually good, but to a few, it can make them ill. In a commercial cooking operation, it’s an added benefit to have the enamel coating remove this risk, even if it is a small risk. Some can also just be sensitive to the taste of the iron in their food. If an all cast iron pan hasn’t been seasoned in a while, the taste can easily be detected, but this doesn’t happen with the enamel coating.

Chasseur makes several different types off cookware including:

  • Dutch Ovens
  • Grills
  • Frying Pans
  • Baking Dishes
  • Cooking pots

If you’ve tired of the inconveniences of standard cast iron, but love the way it cooks. Give Chasseur a try.