Baking Tins for Commercial Use

Baking tins in large quantities are found at most restaurant supplies. There are some trusted names that are easy to find on the Internet where pricing is the most competitive. Some of these are –

  • Focus
  • Vollrath
  • Brown-Halco
  • Update

When choosing, consider the cost and materials. Aluminum is a frequent choice because of the low cost and heat conduction with copper being the most expensive and rarely used. Other variation of tin and stainless steel are used where durability is required.

Commercial kitchens benefit by ordering in bulk. The price of the baking tins is dramatically less when 12 or more. Cooking clubs can save money by buying this way as well. Ensure there is a fair return policy if you’re buying a brand that you’re not familiar with. Some of these bulk deals on baking pans can be packs of low quality pans that are suitable for specific commercial uses, but the pans are very flimsy. Usually, the description of the pan is honest about the quality and the use that they are intended for, so be sure to read the description.

Special shaped baking tins are more difficult to get a good price on. The mechanical process to form the metals and retain good heat conduction in the shape increase the cost. If the process does not account for the fluctuations in the metal thickness as it’s bent into shape, the thinner and thicker areas will not conduct heat evenly. For some shapes, the only good answer is cheap disposable pans where the entire pan is so thin that the variations do not interfere with baking.